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sitting-forwardAn awakened master’s continuing responses to a devoted student whose life has been given over to the Journey and to the Teachings of Love.

In the depth of healing, it is essential that whenever thoughts about another’s journey come to the mind, to directly surrender them into the Hands of God, and affirm that we don’t know what is most helpful for them.

This is the opportunity to relinquish all ideas and concerns and learn the deeper trust and joyful confidence that all is unfolding in perfect harmony.

Projection and perception always work together. This is the opportunity to go within and illuminate the beliefs in difficulty that made the thoughts show up. Surrender the belief in “right and wrong” “good and bad” and rest in the Truth of God’s Grace.

The unraveling is the Gift. Don’t judge or assess the energy. Focus in the heart and just keep saying yes to the Spirit of Love and the healing that is always offered. The perceived discomfort comes from the fear that is wanting to resist and distract from Trust in God’s Grace.

Everything of Love is truly here. The Truth of Love cannot ever be lost, it is only the illusion that seems to cover up the Eternal Light of Love that disappears.

When you offer Love without conditions Love expands.  No worries, rest in the heart and give the mind back to God. The fear that shows up is just the lie of separation. Refuse its authenticity and Rest in God.

It is essential to drop into willingness, turn inward and open the door of prayer, remembering that the Healing guidance of Peace is in your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Nothing is outside. If the thought is not of Peace, it is not of God. If what you feel is disturbance then it is coming from the belief in separation and it is NOT true.

Your willingness to surrender all projections (upon others) that are coming from the mind, and all personal thoughts and emotions that are also coming from the mind is essential to return to humility and Peace.

None of these thoughts are of God, therefore they are old made up lies of illusion. Pay attention to the temptation to go into being “right,” and surrender  every moment into the Power of God.

All ideas of what you are believing about who and what you are and who or what ANYONE is doing is a made up old identity. It is all projections.

The ego is determined to “know.”  That is all that is running now.  You can choose to surrender by disowning all “knowing” and being right into the hands of God, and be willing to no longer trust your thoughts or the feelings that come from your thoughts.

Drink from the nourishment of Truth and accept and follow the guidance of God/Love.  Rest in the forgiveness that mistaken thoughts are just made up and have no value.

Affirm over and over “I don’t know what or who I am, and therefore do not know what to do or say, where I am, or how to look on the world or on myself.”

It is essential to accept that the thought of “knowing” anything about awakening is the spiritual ego having and making concepts, instead of humbly realizing we don’t know anything about what is already and always in perfect harmony for remembering.

There is no rescue in God, because you are not a victim. Your willingness to be vigilant and refuse to give power to delusional thoughts that are habitual (all thought not of Peace and Joy) is your YES  to God.

God’s Grace and healing is connected to your willingness to surrender.  “Show me the way, dear God and I will follow.”

God’s Grace is always within you….

All this old ego mind game is being called to be surrendered as deeply as possible. This includes all the fantasies when you are believing your mind and what seems “good” that is now precipitating what seems “bad.”  This is the roller coaster “world” the ego thrives in. It is all fantasy and is not of God, not of reality.

My Love, you are caught in the ego mind of untruth. It is not about getting back to the ego of good, or better beliefs about what the ego “knows.” To stay in the Truth of Love and Harmony vigilance and humility must be at the center of purpose. The not knowing is essential.

I am offering this to begin the healing return to willingness and surrender. Begin the intention (through willingness) to Surrender everything you think you know and feel, all the “good” and all the “bad,” into the hands of God.

The fear is a defense against the choice of surrender and forgiveness. It is an ego ploy so as to stay in the belief of wrongdoing. The fear says; “I don’t want to be seen as wrong about what I know.” But who is judging? God is not judging.

To be resistant through fear is the ego’s defense against the Truth of Love. This is the ego identity dedicated to its belief that judgment is yours to use against what you think you “know.” The ego battles with itself to protect a made up image.

If you are humbly asking and questioning the intention or purpose within each thought feeling and belief, throughout the day, and asking with a sincerity of wanting to only follow God’s Will (which is your own true will), you will find the journey of learning open and not run by rules of good and bad or right or wrong.

Finding the forgiveness that is not worried about how learning is revealed and is truly surrendering outcome is a place of humility.

Every beloved learns in all situations. But if the ego judges, the learning is buried in fear (anger, self attack and wanting to be “right”).  And yet you can return and learn whenever you choose forgiveness.

You are being called to the Truth of Love that embraces Trust in God.

“It takes great learning to accept that all things, events, circumstances, and encounters are helpful. It is only to the extent to which they are helpful that any degree of Reality should be accorded them in this world of illusion. The word ‘value’ can apply to nothing else.”

The mind of the ego has no boundaries. The belief in the” righteousness of knowing” is a cruel master that will be relentless as long as you are giving it validity.

You can make up all kinds of reasoning and interpretations and even have a momentary satisfaction that will feel “triumphant.” But the misery and the belief in rejection and loss will not be healed. Being right is the arrogant, fearful strategy and an old familiar defense.

Your perceptions cannot be anything but lies, because they are old and untrue. Allow the illumination that is of the Holy Spirit to bring all the past into the bonfire of God to be disowned and shed as the lies of separation.

The power is in your yes to the Truth that only Peace and Joy is Reality.

Choose to come back to the humility of not knowing. Accepting that if you are not at peace, the upset is because you are believing in the illusion of a meaning you have decided you agree with (The ego is determined to be right).

Your ego mind is NOT your ally. The ego fills the mind with self attack and filters its communication through the body, to make sure you believe in its validity. It is the source of misery.

The ego’s arrogant righteousness is to twist everything to accommodate the ego outcome that is wanted. The intention of the ego mind is to deny the Truth of God/Love.

Only Love is reality.

Surrender ALL into the Hands of God. Rest in God. Surrender the fear of loss of control.

My Love, there is nothing to control. Love is Eternal and all the temporary movement and form of illusion is impossible to control. It is constantly shifting and changing.   As the teaching of Love affirms; “you have given it all the meaning that it has” and “what I see is a form of vengeance. It is my own attack thoughts that give rise to this picture.”

It is so necessary in this moment to find your faith in God. You cannot listen to the mind.  In Truth, nothing is being taken away. The ego mind wants to prove you are not the Truth of Love, but you must choose to affirm Love as your natural state.

QuanYin-offering-RtLove does not diminish and is not constructed of or constrained by form or space. This is a choice to affirm and offer Love. Freedom is waiting to be embraced..! It is in the acceptance that you are intrinsically perfect and whole in the Heart of Oneness with all creation. To not join in this Truth is to choose separation and the arrogance of “what you think you know”.

You have everything of Truth within you. But are you willing to not be right and therefore to not choose suffering when it need not be..!

You are loved because you are Love.

I support every beloved to find Love’s calling. I hold you as I hold every beloved; All equally in the Heart of Oneness. All in the maximum of Love.

I support you in your journey of leaving the ego mind and embracing Joy and Peace from within. There is no loss in the Truth of Love.

Select satsang videos of this master’s teachings can be found Here, in the SpiritAwake Forums.

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