Velveteen Rabbit


What is to become of all this is in God’s Hands, simply said. And with virtual tongue in cheek, all of us together are God’s hands.

It does not matter “who” is behind this site. Anyone who posts, comments, starts a topic, creates a page, or replies to something will become, simply by the act of joining the conversation, a part of the evolving shape, content, challenge, helpfulness and appearance of this site.

This sort of virtual adventuring into Here and Now could be comparable to, if anything, the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. What may be found here will become enlivened as well as enlivening by and through open and opening hearts joining together in this very awareness that we are. Through such an unfolding, Truth may reveal its own always present discoveries to us.

Membership is open, and how beloveds want to identify themselves is their calling. All that is required here is a “name,” a functional email address, and a password. Because of how beliefs in separation and lack of love can sometimes manifest over the internet that much is necessary.

Member email addresses are not public. If a beloved wants to make private contact with another site member a PM (personal message) can be sent to them via the Send / Read Personal Messages link in the side bar.  The site’s server will, without revealing either party’s email address, automatically email them a notice that they have a message, and it will become available to them on-site at the same time.

If you do NOT want to receive PMs, go to the same PM page and change your PM settings in the Settings tab.

This site will always be, as form always is, a work in progress. The structure, appearance and content will change and unfold, always pointing, as ALL does, to what is changeless.

Obviously all the visible (and invisible) effort that has gone into this site speaks to a vision of possibilities hoped for.  And as said, all in the Hands of God.

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