Two ways

RamanaThere are only two ways to “conquer” destiny, to be independent of it.

One is to enquire for whom is this destiny, and discover that only the ego is bound by destiny and not the Self, and that the ego is non-existent.

The other way is to annihilate the ego by completely surrendering to God, by realizing one’s helplessness and saying all the time, ‘Not I, but Thou oh God’ and giving up all sense of ‘I’ and mine, serving Love, and leaving it to God to do what She likes with you.  Most often a teacher through whom one surrenders to God is helpful upon this path.

Complete effacement of the ego is necessary to realize that you have always been beyond destiny.  Whether you achieve this effacement through self-enquiry (Jnana marga or wisdom path) or Bhakti marga (path of Love, surrender, devotion) matters not, for all paths merge into One as Light begins to realize its Self.

Since God is verily the Self, love of the Self (Jnana) is love of God (Bhakti). Jnana and Bhakti are thus one and the same.

Ramana Maharshi
(rendered a bit)

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