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    Religion is natures natural intelligence seeking refuge from the belief in the false idea there is something separate from you and you have to find it in order to feel whole. When all along there never was anything other than this one intelligence being here right now that’s already perfect and whole. And that what was apparently looked for in religion was always and ever right here / being … looking only at itself.

    Therefore, Religion is natures natural intelligence, it is only and ever SELF talking to SELF aka NO SELF appearing and being ALL SELVES

    Religion is just a bunch of invisible ideas swirling around within another idea, namely, YOU. And just as the idea cannot be located, neither can you because you are the eternal witness aka the space in which all ideas appear…but you are not the idea, because an idea is invisible. Therefore, you never happened, you are always and ever this immediate ”what’s happening” as every idea known, in eternal flux without beginning nor end.

    How is the ”Witness /Seer Known as an idea? … via the SEEN, aka (other) aka (reflection)…( seer and seen are inseparably one and the other)…unknowable, until the moment of ”realisation” appearance of ”reflection”…..AND at that moment it is ONLY and ever the eternal witness that becomes aware of itself as and through it’s idea ..aka an objective reflection of it’s own desire…and in that same moment a self realisation happens….prior to which Seeing has NO IMAGE of itself to project….

    Seer sees it’s own reflection, and becomes conscious of self/aka other ..occurring within it’s one same self as itself only….at that instantaneous moment because there are no moments other than right now…a false illusory split separation arises.. this split is unnatural, it’s a blatant lie… which triggers an energetic seeking back to truth and wholeness.

    Religion is a means of relieving the uncomfortable sensation of feeling separate, it’s an internal introspection as to the why there is an apparent contraction of ”I” and ”other” in the first place…and in it’s natural intelligence… there is a seeking for equilibrium, it’s natural state, aka there is a return to source or eternal home….. paradoxically the seeker had never left itself, except in the dream of separation aka the contractive story of I and other.

    But, I aka the eternal witness always is and can never leave or disappear, there is nowhere to go…in other words you can never leave you because there is only you and your reflection, aka ”other” here now nowhere. Reflections leave, they come and go rising and falling from within their own emptiness and silence.

    Some apparent individual consciousnesses stay in their story of self and other for their whole life never questioning it’s source…, while others seek eternal refuge and rest in the empty space that gave them birth…they only dip their toes in the story of other when it is necessary to communicate or interact with them-self… as and through the mirror of other.

    This was just my unique esoteric thought on the subject of theology…aka the study of self and the source of that belief of self.



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