To be in Thoughtless State is Bliss !!!

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    May be it was when I was doing my 6th Grade (12 Years), I found it out. We use to light up Small Oil Lamps made out of Clay during the months of November and December for the Hindu Festival Month called Karthigai. My mother would light up plenty of such lamps and keep them in rows on the patio. It was always fascinating for me to keep looking at the FLAME of the LIGHT for a protracted time without any reason. There was no thought when I was focusing my mind at the Beautiful Flame. I didn’t know what it was. But, I always found deep peace in looking at it for long duration. The fact was that, I was meditating on the Flame even without knowing what it was exactly. Those Thoughtless Moments are nothing but Bliss Indeed !!! To be in a Thoughtless State is Bliss Indeed !!! I realized this fact during the later years of my Life !!!

    Karthigai Lamps

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