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    There appears to be a natural curiosity to want to “Know Who You Are,” triggered by an uneasy sense of separation that you have perhaps felt your whole life.

    This sense of unease is usually the driving force behind any search for Self.

    Some people do not seem to care about who they are, or why they are here, or where they came from, some people are quite happy living life without ever feeling the need to know anything I’ve just described.

    However, if we desire to live without mental pain or any mental discomfort, then we must understand why we feel this way, and what we can do about it.

    It always amazes me why someone would feel anxiety but would not question
    where that anxiety is actually coming from, and would willingly own the anxiety as if it belonged to them personally. And yet nothing you see in nature is ever anxious when you think about it. And nothing in the word ”anxiety” is anxious.

    Okay, we can say these feelings of anxiety are our emotions, but that’s where people get stuck and wonder why their life is not working properly because we simply ARE NOT our emotions.

    Some choose to live their whole life in this tense sense of separation when they don’t really have to, because it’s not the truth of our real being.

    The search for truth is when we desire validation of our own intuitive direct knowing that there is no such thing as separation. We always know when something does not feel right, so we automatically search for what is right.
    Some search for truth without realizing they are doing it, while others very deliberately and consciously search for truth full stop.

    Anything that feels wrong or uneasy in your beingness cannot be true because this is never your natural state.

    Your natural state is true, therefore, anything that feels false in your life is there to show you are not in your natural state.

    Pain, suffering and all negative emotions arising in you are not actually you, but can be used as useful tools to help you come to an understanding of exactly who is you. Unpleasant emotions can be our friends rather than our enemies so to speak.

    Once it is realized there is no separation, either realized, or remembered, or intuitively known by the only knowing there is which is You yourself, and you remember who you are – until then – you will always feel a sense of unease with life.

    This pure knowing itself is always available to itself as itself. It is unknown to anything outside of itself, simply because it does not have sides – It is infinite and everywhere at once, it is omnipresent, all pervading and timeless one without a second.

    During the drive to search for Self – One then remembers one cannot look at ones original face. You automatically sense you cannot search for your own face and then find that face because your face had always been here as You all along, it can never be lost. Nothing is ever lost.

    There is profound beauty, bliss, peace and contentment in that remembrance.It’s when you know you are always eternally home right here right now exactly where you are. You have always been safe and loved.

    When you have courage to face your own face – all you’ll see is yourself looking back at you.

    And then you laugh out loud.

    How beautiful are you, that you can laugh at yourself.

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