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    Some spiritual practices state that in order to be truly enlightened, there has to be an ego death. This idea is totally misleading and is why there is confusion about the exact role of ego and it’s purpose, it’s not the bad guy some spiritual guru’s would have you believe, in fact it’s the hero not the villain.

    You can’t kill your ego self.

    To say the ego has to die in order to reach wholeness is absurd. It’s an old-fashioned idea that’s well passed it’s sell by date, it’s just plain ignorant to even think of such an idea. To become stuck in this groove of thinking is not the way we evolve as consciousness. It is simply regurgitating the same old worn out ideas of others instead of thinking this through for yourself. If you wish to expand your level of consciousness to God-Head status, get out of the worn out groove you have carved for yourself.

    Thoughts are useful tools we use to build our self into higher states of consciousness,thoughts are not just there for the fun of it, they serve a purpose.Thoughts are there so you can access knowledge on demand. There is a store house of every thought we ever thought, it’s called your memory.You retrieve your sense of self, your sense of aliveness, from this ever present safe called our memory bank. Your whole self is already stored away in here like the data on a CD, it’s all here in one tidy easily accessible place.

    Your whole self is already timelessly complete playing itself out in time frame by frame and watching itself unfold, it’s the only way it can see, know and experience every aspect of itself.

    You already know you are one unseparated whole self. But you cannot experience that, because you are that already. The desire to share, is to live that self over and over again. How you experience your wholeness is to cut yourself in half infinite times. You only know your wholeness because you know your parts. You can’t know whole without knowing parts, one compliments the other and both need to be present in awareness in order to know anything at all.

    Saying you have to kill your half to know your whole is like cutting your nose off to spite your face, kill the idea that your separate but not the one who gave you the idea.

    You don’t need to drop the separate aspect of you to reach the whole of you because that you has never been out of your reach, it’s always here for you, it is you. You already know oneness simply because you are experiencing separation as contrast. The contrast is to make you aware of yourself, self aware. The whole and the half are seamlessly connected.

    Self watching self in little bite size pieces of it’s same self, since it can’t see or experience it’s whole self all at once. Just as you cannot consume a whole platter of food in one gulp, you have to consume it in little separate portions at a time.

    It’s the same idea with the body, you cannot see your whole body all at once, even though you know every single part of your body exists. You can only see parts of it at a time, you cannot see your inside organs, but you know they exist. You cannot see every perceivable angle of the whole self in one go. You only see parts two dimensionally, not the whole 3 dimensionally known body self. The whole can never be seen or experienced because you already are that whole one experiencing itself in separate pieces.

    Separate self doesn’t need or have to feel inferior while in this separation because it already knows it’s whole self, and at the same time knows it has to be a separate self in order to know that knowing.

    The pain of separation comes when the self forgets it’s wholeness, the pain is felt as a contraction, but this is a positive thing, it’s a gift self gives to itself to remind it who it is, it’s always being your friend, pain is your friend in disguise, it is whispering I love you, don’t be afraid, you know who you are.

    The discomfort is letting you know something is wrong, in the same way the body will tell you there is something wrong when pain is present. So pain or bodily discomfort, nervous contraction serves a positive purpose in our lives. It is not something to reject of kill off in order to feel oneness. We need to embrace negativity as part of this whole human experience, it’s how you know you are alive .Don’t reject anything, it’s all you.

    By all means kill off the idea of separation, but not the separation itself. Not the actual experiencing of separation which in fact is impossible to do anyway, it’s totally absurd to think you have to kill off separate self to reach the wholeness because you have never left yourself in the first place.

    The self is only sharing itself as and through multiple facets of itself infinitely, it’s extensions are limitless, in fact this love is so big there is enough to fill the whole stadium of infinity and beyond with the stuff.

    So enjoy your infinite finite separate selves for ever and ever. And if at any time you are not enjoying your current particular self, then change it for one you do enjoy because your the one creating it. Your the only authority over your life. Your the one that has to live with yourself for ever eternally through infinity.

    The whole Self is all knowing, but the separate self is the not-knowing.Not not -knowing literally, but temporarily not-knowing so as to discover itself. If it already knew it’s whole life ahead before it even got started then there would be no point in it since it would already know what’s going to happen, and what would the fun in that be? It would be like watching the same movie over again. When you go to the cinema you don’t go to watch a film you’ve already seen, you want to be entertained by a different film. That’s the purpose of the one self to separate into more of itself.

    To experience more aspects of itself for itself by sharing it’s love for itself and extending that love so other (separate self) can experience same. Your separate self is always living it’s unique dream but does not know it is just a dream at first, not until it awakens from the dream to see itself clearly as the eternal one in which the whole dream is arising. So it’s not really not-knowing, as the dream is it’s own projection. You are both the dreamer and the dream.

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