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    It is a paradox to say Oneness exists or that it is real – for whom conceived such an idea but the fictions of language.

    Oneness and separation both exist as fiction therefore neither exist.

    This has no way of conceiving itself except as the illusion of itself.

    Our private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society.

    We cannot know the private thoughts of another mind since there is only mind and no one minding it.


    ”There are no such things as things; that is to say separate things, separate events. That is only a way of talking. What do you mean by a thing? A thing is a noun. A noun isn’t a part of nature it’s a part of speech. There are no nouns in the physical world. There are no separate things in the physical world either.
    This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

    Reality is therefore a verb – and yet the verb is a noun – which makes this whole verb absurd, but what the heck, it’s play and your in it, so play with it and enjoy yourself.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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