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    Everything you experience, see, feel, smell, hear,or taste is one thing and one thing only and that is consciousness.This idea cannot be proven by science simply because even one thing cannot exist, also, the concept ‘science’ is just an idea of this same consciousness, and even the idea ‘consciousness’ cannot be proven, for there is nothing outside of this self evident immediate experience known as consciousness, therefore, everything is consciousness, there is nothing else.

    Consciousness is all there is, it is it’s own proof and simply known by direct experience of itself which appears in the form of senses and objects, and yet no sense, object or consciousness has any form whatsoever, ‘form’ is the illusion created by consciousness itself.

    For example, you may believe your solid brick house to be an actual object existing outside of you, but it does not, it is simply an image projected by your own consciousness, there is no you and there is no house, even though there is a conscious experience of a you and a house, the house cannot exist outside this conscious arena, nor does it exist inside consciousness, because even consciousness cannot be located.

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