Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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    I’m just a person that really in my heart wants nothing but to be free… I want so badly to know my essence and have experienced constant “coming into and out of” what feels to be enlightenment or awakening…  I’m 23 African american male from the United States. I really would like to go and see mooji but I’m currently out of work… Life has not been the same and in all honesty I feel a sense of going somewhere but not quite knowing where I’m going as well as a sense of something unveiling but not knowing what is unveiling… Has anyone experienced anything like this?


    Most of what is on this site seeks to speak to, about and from what appears to be calling to you, in various ways… If any of it anywhere engages your beautiful seeking heart feel free to post further and comment… Every page on the site is meant to be a place for beloveds to engage and dialog…

    And just to say that what you are describing is very familiar, the desire of the heart to be free, the coming, going and (and perhaps deepening?) of awareness, a sense of going somewhere, something unveiling, and yet seemingly all of it in not knowing…

    The not knowing is very essential to this journey, along with our yes, our willingness, and our trust… And to want, as you say, nothing but the freedom that it seems your heart already knows is the truth of you… To want yourself…


    Thank you so very for your words and comments here, I love you thanks for reflecting me as me and you as you, and me as you and you as me, I felt much love in your reply, thank you…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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