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You are invited to participate, respond, question and engage through comments and replies on Pages and Posts, and through topics and replies in the Forums.

cat-on-branchYou can quickly and easily register in the Login/Register area of the sidebar.

Being a relatively new site, some of the methods used to limit spam and trolling may need further refinement. If you experience any difficulties registering, logging in or responding, please let us know either by clicking here or by using the Contact SpiritAwake link in the sidebar.

The many different areas here have been gathered, interweaved, and shaped so as to invite and hopefully enable easy engagement and conversation in multiple ways. Pages, posts, forums and other areas may be added, changed, redesigned and moved around as Spirit calls.  Suggestions are very much welcome.

At the heart of all desire is the desire to Awaken. As we bring that desire alone into all our seeming activities, existence responds. And so it will be here.

All of this is very new, a work in progress. The attempt has been in part to assemble a comfortable, intuitive and supportive place to meet. If in wandering around you notice any gaps, navigation difficulties, mistakes or clunkiness, or see perhaps how things could be improved or made more inviting, please let us know.

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