The Teachings of Love Master to Student | Surrender

An awakened master’s continuing responses to a devoted student whose life has been given over to the Journey and to the Teachings of Love.

All the thoughts that are running have a specific purpose from the ego mind; to self attack and be right about being rejected. All the self assessments are addiction. The victim identity through the illusion of this “evidence” is happy to run and be spinning with arguments with God. It is for sure a place of pain and suffering.

Look at your hidden intention. if you want to be right and know you are right it will always lead to misery.

Illusion is completely made up..! The ego mind of loss and lack is not a “rational” mind.

MY ONLY FUNCTION IS THE ONE GOD GAVE ME,” confirming in Truth, “salvation cannot be the only purpose you hold while you still cherish others.”

Bring Truth to these made up ideas. “This thought reflects a goal that is preventing me from accepting my only function,” and; “My only function is the one God gave me, I want no other and I have no other.”

It is essential to find the firmness of Truth. Your purpose is “Thy Will be done,” “My happiness and function are one, because God has given me both” and “Love holds no grievances.”

Peace and Happiness is discovered within the surrender of what you think you know. Firmness is the calling to  turn away from the mindless strategies of the ego mind and affirm the Truth thorough the teachings that you willingly accept. You can be guaranteed that if you do not “buy” these mind wanderings, the Truth of Peace and Harmony can be revealed.

Stay in the moment, as close to the Holy Instant as possible. No past or future, this is the place of Peace. Today’s teaching is on faith. Faith is the opposite of fear. “Faithfulness is the child of God’s trust in the Word of God to set all things right, not some, but all.”

When you find something to do that involves the physical body, surrender the body to serving as an instrument of  God.

Nothing personal to achieve or get. Love is the offering as the instrument of God.

There is a chant that keeps repeating. “Make me an instrument of thy Peace, as I let go and as I release. Make me an instrument  humble and free, as I awaken to the living Christ in me.”

Deny the mind and its opinions about “feeling” far away, by accepting with Faith that you cannot be separate from God.

The illusions are totally make up. Touch into the gratitude that they don’t exist at all!

All that you have been writing is still being pulled from the mind. The essential element so as to not get repeatedly trapped by the past and the mind that thinks it knows is simply I don’t know.

In the healing Truth you have to rely on the Holy Spirit to show you the lies of the past and the insanity (errors) of the mind.

You must constantly ask for the Truth. Let your prayer be; Please show me what is most helpful to see, so it can be surrendered, denied and forgiven.

The past is not the Truth and it must be invited through the Holy Spirit to be illuminated for healing.

The addiction and distortion of all beliefs can only clearly be seen through the inner vision that is brought by the Holy Spirit.

The ego including the “knowing” spiritual ego is relentless and even takes tiny Truths and dumps personal thoughts and beliefs right on top of itself to bring it back to something “you” agree with.

The world is all produced through the mind of separation. You see what your ego has made.

The true Love is that reality within all forms is the Light of God. The mind that you are using cannot make sense of Love within the world because the mind of ego is a mind of limitation that cannot recognize the Limitlessness of Love in its Truth. The ego mind sees only the world of form, limitation and temporary.

You must ask for the guidance to be shown, moment to moment, what is most helpful in your journey of remembering. This takes patience. Patience is the manifestation of Trust.

Focus all you attention on resting in God in Trust and Faith, knowing that all is well and that God’s Will for you is eternal Peace.

You are choosing to let the arrogance of the mind have its way. You are not a victim of it. This is a choice. All that you are giving your attention now to is made up.

Ask deeply within; “What do I believe I am getting now by NOT putting my Faith in God’s Word?”  The answer will be; You can feel that you are being unfairly treated, your suffering proves you are unloved, you can see yourself through pity and rejection.

These lies are the addiction to self attack and attack upon others, and a defiance of God.

It is the narcissism of the ego that wants to prove that everything is and should be centered in what you think and feel. This is also the child that wants to be at the center of perceived needs. But the ego mind that is running the false story always above all else affirms “seek and do not find”.

Surrender the identity of being a helpless, unloved child into the hands of God. This is the arrogance of the ego that is in a “no” to the Truth of your Oneness with God.

The insidiousness of the false mind is always ready and willing to be full of reasons for pain.

The firmness of Faith is never self indulgent, it humbly affirms the maturity of the Spirit that chooses to be firm in Truth, instead of identifying with helplessness and weakness of arrogance.

You can turn away from the thoughts and affirm the Truth. You have this choice. Nothing is happening..!!!

Only Love/God  is reality. Do not let the temptation to believe you are rejected and unable to heal run its insanity. It is made up and old.

This is all part of the Teaching that you are no longer willing to value what is valueless. God gave you your value..!!! Don’t try to defy the Truth.

Accept humbly that you are the Light of God, and that all is unfolding in God’s Grace.

If you accept that you cannot “know” the Truth of Love, you can then rest in the awareness that “your” behavior cannot push the Truth of Love away.

At the same time, Love does not “dance” or battle with the demands of the ego. Love is not able to recognize and engage with illusion.

This is an ego temper tantrum…

I hear the cry for help, but it is not helpful or healing to give the ego’s temper tantrum any validity. It only wants to be heard and validated for its lies.

There is no helpfulness in giving in to the indulgent ego’s demands of being right. This is addiction. It will not be healed until the permission you have been giving it is denied by your willingness to Trust in the word of God.

This is not the Truth of your holy Self, but rather the indulgence of and in the ego to believe and affirm that “you” are being deserted, unloved, and unfairly treated. It is an old, tired, familiar voice that is somehow feeding the permission for you to demand to be right and heard.

Yes, every beloved struggles, but it is always defiance and rebellion that makes the spiritual journey seem daunting, and some keep refusing to accept and choose Truth.

Your resistance to obedience (to the Will of God) is a chosen defiance that is a mixture of arrogance and victimhood.

None of this reaction is about Love. It is about hate. The narcissism of the ego is sure that something outside is the cause of misery, and that everything is personal.

I offer this to you dearest one in Love, an offering for you to recognize that this truly has no purpose accept to demand to be right about fantasy, and to not want Peace.

Humility is NOT humiliation!  Humility is to accept the Will of God in gratitude.

Only Love can lead the way.

Do not allow the ego mind of self absorption to fixate on “getting.”

God is waiting within your heart.

Rest in God, and learn to Trust faithfully in the word of God. Trust and Faith do not look for evidence outside.

As the mind opens and lets go of what it thinks and feels, the outside becomes the happy reflection of the inner faith in God’s Grace.

YES, to your question…  This CAN all be healed now..!!!  QuanYin-offering-RtBecause NOW you are willing to be shown by the Holy Spirit. You are “seeing”  the upside down strategies that have actually blocked you from your relationship with God.

In the past you protected this insanity.

Now you are ready and willing to embrace the Truth of Peace.

God/Love is beyond any mistakes that you have been believing. There is NOTHING in illusion that cannot be healed. Stay firm in what you TRULY want.

I cannot convey enough how beautiful it is for you to have the willingness to expose the illusion that has held you in a refusal to accept the healing of Truth.

It is all coming into the Light because you are willing. Just keep saying YES to Truth.

In the Grace of God, I am with you, holding you in the blessing of deep healing.

Select satsang videos of this master’s teachings can be found Here, in the SpiritAwake Forums.

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