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Hello everyone,

This question has risen inside and I know that the answer will come that way as well, but I’ve written a bit about this in a few previous posts. I wrote in my last post that “unclarity” had come back with “clarity” behind it..

OK well now I’m going through it again right at this very moment as I’m typing so I thought it would be interesting to describe what I’m experiencing. The above reply, which has been really helpful and reflective for me mentions that perhaps the clarity or sense of awareness is starting to become my ground a bit.. The comment sparked an interest, (because?) nothing is ever dismissed or fully accepted (by this writer?) these days (possibly), but this episode that is here now I notice is VERY subtle! It is there (here?) tho.

Before it (unclarity?) seemed to take over my entire “FIELD or space” (experience?) if you will.. It was the awareness or “clarity” that seemed to be missing or subtle.  Now this unclarity is subtle, or the (mind)  for better understanding (mind in this context is a vague term, are you meaning confusion, belief, suffering?)… To me it feels that I am possibly going deeper? I want to ask has anyone else been here, and could this possibly be the deepening of the truth… It also feels kind of like I’m starting to barely see the difference between the two as if unclarity and clarity are disappearing it’s hard to explain can anyone shed light? Thank you namasté