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You ask the question… ”what is light”?

My gut feeling is that light is this timeless eternal moment right here and now which is perfect. Everything is this light. Life is eternal without numerical time reveals that advaita or life as it is, is what it is. And as every moment of life is energy or light, what is as it is in every moment has to be an illusion of light. Therefore, life as it is, is what it is, albeit illusory. This understanding reveals love and care for everything in life. And with this understanding there is nothing to be afraid of ever for it’s all perfect just as it is. The problem arises when we try to control or change what we do not want for what we do want. We have to want what we’ve got if we are to find lasting peace and happiness. Wanting what we haven’t got is our suffering.

More on what is light….

The human being is a machine operated by electricity/Light.The machine can do nothing without a power source – the power source can do nothing without the machine.The human machine can never know it’s maker.If it could, it would be like a bread toaster knowing it’s maker.When a machine comes to life / animation via the electricity flowing through it – that unknown energy appears to give the machine it’s life.Does the light/electricity give life to the machine, or does the machine give life to the light? Or are they are mutually interdependent….one without a second?One without a second cannot know it is alive/life – and cannot know it is dead /unborn.  A machine cannot know it’s maker – making it’s animating light un-knowable – therefore, the appearance of realness in the machine is an illusory creation of un-knowable invisible transparent empty light….reflecting /appearing as an apparent solid world.This is not the evidence of realness, it is the revelation of the unreality of what we only believe to be real.

This understanding helps us to relax and enjoy the natural peace of our presence which is light. We can participate in the drama of living and dying if we want, but we don’t have to believe it is what we are, we can leave the drama any time we want and rest in the light, but we can never leave the light because we are it.

Live light is the best policy and the key to eternal happiness and peace.

Thanks for reading.