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Hello MirrorONE,

Regarding the way you address your reply 2, you may be conflating two different expressions of the One into one. Melj and SpiritAwake are distinct beloveds residing in far apart corners of the world. And in your last reply it appears you may have inadvertently posted before finishing. Feel free to use the contact page and ask for assistance at anytime. Also, an ability to edit one’s comments for a brief period has now been added to commenting.

There is a lot of thoughtfulness in your words, but for this one they seem to lead to and call for more words, as if the words are still wanting to point to the belief that we are, rather than to and therefore past what we are not.

Melj’s first posting on this site, and where this dialog began, points most immediately and directly: “There is no you because there is no other than you.”

A new page was just added to the site: It is a bit of a read, but a beautiful one, with the words being so exquisitely transparent to what they point to.

Much gratefulness for your presence and engagement here…

Kind regards.