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Hi melj.


Your pointing is quite near “perfect.” (I put it in quotes coz I’m allergic to the word.. :-) )

I’ll try sharpening the focus:

The technical fiction “me” we nevertheless desired to create, because if not, its appearance (purest illusion of the watery mirage dancing on desert or hot city street: being yet nameable, imaginable, … thinkable!) wouldn’t be something we’d have to even bother talking about.

So, we can play with the Maya, and it cannot under any circumstance–regardless how intensely we might believe otherwise–matter. This Samsara is Brahman’s Leela, which, however (and, as Toltec shaman would put it, “just for the hell of it”), [it] has rules, just like any other game. And although there can be no ontological consequences for breaking them, we desire to follow them and break them as we see fit, if not in the name of art, then in the name of novelty, or in the name of nothing at all.. since the first rule of the game is that there are no rules. And the second rule violates the first… and then we go on… all the time sunk in the realization of the transconceptual Self vibration.

And this is the point, right? We play yet know the play is just that, a chimera with beautiful proportions, sounds, and vibrations. God is a music lover. An art, poetry, mind navigator, dance and comedy

afficionado. We (God) just have to remember to take it all with a grain of salt, and never allow ourSelf to deviate from this.



Melj, Please note, I didn’t mean to imply we had the right to do anything we please (such as in Aliester Crowley’s dictim, “Do what thou wilt”); I meant we had the “freedom” to act within certain parameters based on the best of our understanding re an acceptable code of ethics…which would therefrom include breaking rules as we saw fit. Moreover, I don’t ascribe to free will either… only that there is an appearance of such…