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Dear MirrorOne.

Thanks for your reply. I agree with mostly all of your comments above.

You say….{”In the last days of my active participation in the yahoo group forum called “Advaitin,” I tried pointing out how the tendency of advaitins to regard the world as purely illusory (mithya), is a mistake,”}

I totally agree with you MirrorOne that to make an announcement such as the world is but an illusory mental creation created by a you that does not exist would be a mistake- imagine how this would be perceived – most people would reject such a notion, and yet when one ponders this very idea very deeply they would find that it is in actual fact true by pure experience. This I imagine would be difficult to contemplate or even comprehend. Much better to be totally entrenched within the self made structures of reality – the lie of belief, than to face the ultimate truth. If one has the courage to stand alone and inquire into the true nature of self personally I’m sure the idea of illusion or of no-self would be of no surprise to the seeker – what they would discover is every concept has it’s opposite – the idea that there is something can only be known in relation to nothing. So yes, quite disturbing to be bearers of knowledge that life and death or something and nothing are actually the same thing. We have no other choice but to play along with the illusion and even to deny it is there. Otherwise I don’t think the whole Maya idea would work the way it apparently does.