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i agree with every single word here! lol


looks like a lot of work went into this website/forum, but it unfortunately never took off the way it seems it should have. this is probably because so few know what metaphysics really is, as opposed to the stories of the paranormal…although many being true, are a waste of time dealing with.

pls note: i had the top rated site in keywords metaphysics and advaita vedanta in google, and 11th rated in quantum theory from 1999 to 2002.. it was either taken down by the US govt or possibly freemasons for perhaps revealing too much too clearly and, by so doing, marginalizing their power facade. i was also elected chief moderator in a forum of then 3,200 in yahoo groups called advaitin from 1996 to 2003, when i left since i couldnt keep up because of a bad back.

anyone here is invited to join and participate in (to teach and learn) my FB page THE AGELESS WISDOM TEACHINGS (aka perennial philosophy)..

pranam and namaste
frank maiello