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Thank you for this interesting topic and the links gachchy.

I’ve often thought about how life is nothing other than a hologram, simply because one thing all life has in common is it is conscious, but what is consciousness made of? The logical answer is ‘nothing’ simply because there is nothing to make any thing from, therefore what we see as material objects are in fact just optical illusions of light – so what is light made of?Light is not made of anything else other than light, what is gravity made of?

From this perspective, we can easily see why reality is a simulation..
The effects of light can be seen clearly as images, but the seer of images which is always inseparable from the image can never be seen, just as the elementary structure of informational images that appear on a computer screen can never be seen or located because all you see is the effect as imaged.
Life is only an effect or the out-workings of some unknown, invisible unseen inner reality.

So yes, I would say that we live in a simulation because what else could it be?

Light being the power source of it’s own effect, ie: electrical. When electrons become excited, they create effects that we see as material objects including our very own computer laptops, iphones, and ipads, etc etc… Our laptops are just another simulation inside a simulation..perhaps?

subatomic particles such as electrons are
able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn’t matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart.

This quote taken from your link gachchy suggests there is such a thing as distance. But what if there is no distance at all, is distance just another illusion? Similarly, is there any distance inside a computer which enables it the capacity to process information, or is it a quantum machine holding infinite data in one place – even though the processing of such data can take time this does not imply the data has to be retrieved from anywhere outside of itself, it simply means a movement from within itself which is ever and always present in one place.

What I mean is… say someone in Norway writes an email and sends it to someone in England, this implies distance between the writer and the reader, the sender and recipient, and so it is apparent that many authors appear, but there is only one reader – processing data no one ever wrote.

This also explains why some people are able to communicate telepathically because we are all one consciousness. We vibrate at differing frequencies so the denser our vibration, the more distance is created albeit illusory and conceptually speaking. And by this I mean people can create distance between themselves if say they are angrily arguing with each other because they are no longer connecting on the same wavelength – and is why they feel separate.