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May be my expectations about the world are not met as I suppose. May be subconsciously I believe I am carrying the whole world on my head. I swing between two extremities always.

The key is to find balance between the two extremities. To know that you do have to participate in a world which is often filled with struggle. And to know that what you truly are (Pure Awareness) looks on in detachment.It never struggles.
What ever arises in this pure awareness can never affect it. All your life you have had unwanted unwelcome feelings arise and fall in you that have made you angry, sad and over burdened, but you still remain, your still here alive, nothing has changed in this part of you. This part of you is indestructible. What ever the mirror reflects never never never changes or affects the mirror in any way, the mirror always is always the mirror.

I feel some sort of disappointment may times and crumble. Certainly, I know, it is another form of Ego only. The reason for this may be that I am the head of the family and I thrust excessive burden on my head and get disappointed always.

If you take on responsibility that is not yours this will cause your disappointment because you do not have the power to change it.
As head of the family yes you are responsible for the well being and safety of your beloved ones. You can provide for them comfort, shelter and food, which is the basic premise of how real love operates. However, you are not responsible for what your beloved ones think and feel and do. That’s not your job, it’s their job. It’s the same with the world. What ever is going on in the world is not your responsibility, you can’t ever change the world, you can only change you. If we want peace, we have to be peace, that’s all we need to do and be. We can always be what we want to be as a free spirit. And what ever our intent, the mirror has no choice but to reflect it.