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You are very clear gachchy, and thank you for your explanation.

This is an exalted state of living where in you have transcended the state doing and you are not bound by karma (mind), as you have become one with consciousness. In my opinion, this is only Non Judgmental Attitude.

As long as we remember that any action, judgement or decision making is only ever made by CONSCIOUSNESS ALONE – and remember, that all notions of doings are only projections emanating from within ItSelf appearing as such.

Because, there is no one home in consciousness to do anything.

That’s why I wrote CONSCIOUSNESS in capitals – as being Non-Judgemental,because there is no one home in consciousness to be non-judgemental – that there appears to be someone here is only a thought or an idea which triggers a sense of selfness, but it’s only ever a reflection of the invisible light it is. It’s not real, it’s an illusion.

So the idea that there is a someone here to carry out an action, make judgement or decision is not really happening, rather,it’s occurring as a projection of light being made conscious.

And yet, within this emptiness is fullness indeed.

That’s why you can’t ever read or get inside another persons mind or ever know what it’s like to be another person or thing because that person or thing simply does not exist, the world seemingly full of people ”out there” does not exist, they are a projection of the one Consciousness.

Is this clear to you now gachchy?