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Mel, your sentences are very tricky. I don’t get them clearly. But, my explanation is like this:

Everyone will agree that everyone is performing actions all the time except during Deep Sleep. Either the action happens Consciously (knowingly) or Unknowingly (Subconsciously). However, we must admit that we are constantly acting all the time. Most of our actions are based on decisions, except our autonomous bodily functions. So what are actions? When I act, how do I decide to act? I can now watch TV or read Newspaper. Which one am I going to do? So, the decision is based on some preference. Why do I prefer to read News Paper instead of watching TV. There is an implicit judgement in all our actions without which no action is possible. When I walk on the road, I must choose to take Right or Left. The decision to take Left or Right is purely judgmental. So all decisions have a judgmental component. Many times we don’t even know that we are judging. Those judgement happens subconsciously even without our knowledge. So, we must accept the fact that judgments are inherent in us. We are hardwired to judge. Either we are aware of our judgments or unaware of our judgments. Some judgments are conscious and some are subconscious.

The only thing what we must understand is, ‘NOT JUDGING OUR ACTIONS’ can only be termed as ‘NON JUDGMENTAL’ but at the same time being CONSCIOUS ENOUGH TO THE CORE OF OUR LIVING. This means I should understand that I should not Judge my own Judgments. I should let my judgments go like a freely flowing river. I should simply watch all my judgments happening in me and look at myself from the vantage point as an observer. The observer can only have a Non Judgmental attitude, because he is an observer, not an actor. In our case our Consciousness is the Observer, our Mind is the Actor. As Consciousness I am Non Judgmental, as Mind I am always Judgmental in nature. Who am I, the Consciousness or Mind? The more my MIND is aligned with my CONSCIOUSNESS, the lesser the domination of the Mind and it automatically gets refined and aligns itself with the Consciousness. When the Mind loses its influence, consciousness takes the lead and the Mind becomes an obedient servant to the consciousness. In this way, the Mind tends to become and adopt a Non Judgement attitude once it becomes a faithful servant of the consciousness. However, it must be understood that Pure Non Judgmental Attitude is impossible in practice, or else, one may simply stand unperturbed even when a ferocious tiger approaches us with an attitude to pounce upon us.

My final understanding is, ‘NON JUDGMENTAL ATTITUDE’ means ‘NOT JUDGING OUR OWN ACTIONS’ but at the same time being CONSCIOUS ENOUGH TO THE CORE OF OUR LIVING. To be precise, becoming a WITNESS of our own actions is NON JUDGMENTAL ATTITUDE. Then you change over from the role of an ACTOR to that of a WITNESS. Once, you achieve this state, you will find that decisions are being taken and actions are being done in you. Once you achieve this state others will find sudden transformations in you. This is an exalted state of living where in you have transcended the state doing and you are not bound by karma (mind), as you have become one with consciousness. In my opinion, this is only Non Judgmental Attitude.

Please correct me if I am not clear.