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Lovely, thanks gachchy.

It’s kind of funny that we crave the silence after a long day as so many of us look forward to a nice sleep in our bed. And yet we are afraid of silence during the hustle and bustle of an ordinary day. Well, I used to dread silence, I remember as a teenager I would periodically fear silence and would always look for ways to fill any void in my day.

Silence somehow felt lonely,or even scary, it was boring. Boredom was never an option for me, I found myself making busy all the time, I needed a sense of purpose, an identity. In silent non-eventful moments where nothing in particular happened, I would feel a sense of panic instantly searching some form of activity which would validate a sense of identity.

Silence made me feel like I didn’t exist. Not existing felt weird, it felt wrong. It was always about owning an identity because being a nobody felt uncomfortable.

It never occurred to me that the silence I feared was my natural state, that it was who I really am and that it was nothing to fear at all. It’s true that until you face your original face, you will be lost in the dream of separation which is uncomfortable.

It wasn’t until much much later on in my life that I realized I had been misidentifying myself as being a person who felt silence as non-existence – to actual EXISTENCE itself which felt more comforting, if not rather exhilarating.

This is all about awakening to the One Self that is always Here Now and Never Not Here Now – this NOW cannot disappear. The identification with Self is what creates the illusion of separation.

What we truly ARE is Non-Identified.

I arise to day

In the name of silence

Womb of the word,

In the name of Stillness

Home of belonging,

In the name of the solitude