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It is certainly a ridiculous belief that some people are more important to me just because the person is my husband/wife, children, fellow country men, fellow from same religion etc. We keep adding more and more beliefs that Power, Money, Status, Position, Properties, Fame etc are essential and this leads to sowing more and more seeds in the Mind waiting for suitable opportunities to sprout.

The more the CONDITIONING of our MIND, the more the entanglement of KARMA is. My Nation. My Religion. My God. My Race. My family. My property. My Position. My Status. These are all conditioning patterns which create karma in our Mind.

We people are not even ready for a HERO to die in a Movie, knowing fully well that it is only an Illusion. Our conditioning is so bad that our Mind refuses to accept such an end in a Movie also. Now, we can know to what extend we might have been excessively conditioned in our real life.

Of course, Karma is a relative truth only. It’s a story inside a story.


More the Karmic Seeds, More the sufferings.