Anything presented as a rendering indicates that editing has occurred to deepen and clarify, to perhaps bring what is pointing a little deeper into where it is pointing to. In Truth what is pointing and where the pointing points is the Same.

Course renderings are excerpted either from the Course UrText or from the Foundation For Inner Peace’s third volume, and seek to offer alternative context for conversation and sharing. The UrText contains text and formatting not a part of the later Foundation For Inner Peace publications, is without the added structure of those publications, and contains other minor differences.

In Course renderings, second person pronouns have sometimes been changed to first person, again as a way perhaps to bring what is pointing a little deeper into where it is pointing to. Also in Course renderings Son and Sons have been changed to Child and Children, while references to Holy Spirit have been changed to Spirit of Love.

Some beloveds who are otherwise called to visit this site may find the third person male pronouns in the Course difficult.  Beyond the customary ways of cultural language and writings over centuries, consider the possibility that if you are feeling moved by what this site is about, concerns about gender identification may be something that wants to fall away.  In Truth we are neither bodies nor gender.

Also consider; it is not just that Awareness, Jesus and the Spirit of Love have spoken in such amazing ways through some of the offerings represented on this site. Rather it is that all of the Universe, all of Awareness, all of Love is always speaking to us, through us and through all of existence, to Itself in all of us and to Itself in each of us, as it awakens to and as This that we already are.  The Truth of Love makes use of time for time’s only true purpose, to awaken to Itself.

If this site is anything at all it is the expression of a desire to bring that conversation further into shared awareness.

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