Reaching to Meet


This site is the offering of a gathering place for beloveds whose lives are most of all about the ending of beliefs in the illusion of separation.

It has evolved out of the vision of a venue where seekers awakening into Spirit and similar others can meet and converse in an environment that is significantly alternative to what is typically found on the internet.

The form it is currently taking reaches to provide a beginning context to inspire and further ongoing, helpful, shared explorations into non-dual experience and the undoing of conditioning and beliefs; through insight, understanding, courage, diverse perspective and possibility.

An image that could be helpful is one of a large garden with smaller areas shaped and cultivated around some common themes, micro-environments perhaps, conversational explorations where beloveds may gather, wander the garden paths, listen in, and perhaps join other conversations in different ways.

The dissolution of the meta belief of separation and the lack of love, by way of offerings from the Advaita Vedanta, A Course in Miracles and many other non-dual teachings is the common ground that is being attempted here. Whether conversation occurs within the seeming form of one path or another, between teachings or totally outside of all such formats matters not. Only one question need be asked about what occurs here; is this helpful?

The appearance, content and structure of this site is intentionally fluid in order to serve evolving possibilities, perhaps to lend shape and expression to newly awakening discoveries into the Truth of Love that we ARE.

To actually realize the Love that we Are is all anyone who has given their life to the search for Truth could ever want.  All true spiritual ways in their essence are about seeing through and dissolving what is not real so that what is always and already here is naturally, seemingly through grace, remembered. In the light of the Truth of Love all paths eventually disappear in concert with the beliefs they have helped bring into awareness, and dispel.

In Advaita Vedanta is what is often described as Peace, Joy, Presence, Just This, a simple, pure, engaged Silence. We sometimes seem to come into this on our own, sort of in spite of our efforts. Or perhaps engagement with an awakened teacher brings us into true awareness. With such a One the yearning that has moved us this far becomes realized for what it is, for now Light is mirroring the Light that we are. In this light we discover separation never happened; it was an illusion we merely believed into seeming existence. As this realization deepens and unfolds we begin to be comfortable with not-knowing. In Light there is nothing (no-thing) to know.  Somehow by Grace we are undone.

Yet, so many of us who have come into this light that we are by way of Advaita teachings and satsang with awakened beings keep going back, over and over, to a place of looking. Suffering is once again believed in. With just a bit of Advaita learning we have come to understand that we cannot do it ourselves. Techniques and practices don’t work anymore. As long as there is a doer there is separation. We begin to realize the ego really cannot orchestrate the end of ego, nor does it want to. And still, what to “do,” so to speak.

In A Course In Miracles the Spirit of Love, otherwise known as the Holy Spirit or Voice for God speaks to us through and as the “formless” form of Jesus. Hugh understanding comes of actually joining and moving with the Course, literally listening with our heart, deeper and deeper seemingly without end, until perhaps there becomes an end of endings, the Holy Instant, Presence. The Course seems to be particularly shaped to bring us to the end of our beliefs in the illusion of separation, where God then takes the last step.

We are not called to end illusions, just stop believing them, see them as they are, not real. Perhaps we are engaged with an awakened master who is able to reflect with Awareness upon Jesus’s teachings and cut through our conditioned beliefs with uncompromising love. One of the many amazing things about the Course is how clearly and fully it can point to the all-encompassing nature and power of belief.

Yet again, many of us seem to stay caught in habits and beliefs centered around intellectual attempts to engage and understand the Course, even as we are called to surrender all ideas of how and beliefs in doing to the Spirit of Love.

There does seem to be a “doing” the Course calls us to, which is to actually do the Course. But this in actuality becomes more and more of an un-doing, as we sink deeper and deeper into the subtleties of the teachings. All the while our addiction to thought, memory and control continues to weave through even the ways we are being undone.  Ego will keep trying to convince us it can bring about even the end of itself, yet its intention is always to continue the illusion of its own separate existence.

The possibility of meeting here in this way is not about changing paths, joining paths or creating new ones. Paths are no more real in the end than is anything phenomenal. Perhaps instead it is about a joining in the possibilities of perspective, through realization that what is true of all paths is the Same.

If there is a way to suggest or point to a contrast of perspective in the midst of no difference, it might be that Advaita can sometimes very quickly bring awareness to Just This that We Are, beyond separation, knowing without a knower. The Course can with profound clarity and understanding walk us through the illusions that keep bringing us back into suffering, until there is nothing left of belief to come back to.


And in such a Stillness, One more step, Grace, God…

The miracle to end all miracles is
the miracle of not being afraid.

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