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An awakened master’s responses to a devoted student whose life has been given over to the Journey and to the Teachings of Love.

Your “work” is to stay in the not knowing and to be truly helpful by holding the Truth of complete wholeness for another, and for the inner Light within you. There is no help in the false belief in anguish, heartbreak and sadness. Be aware of the temptation to drama. This is the lie! Agreeing with another’s false identity of “weakness” is using the distortion of false caring to affirm separation and lack.

Hold always the intention and prayer to remember the Truth of not being the body, and finding the true strength in Faith and Trust that nothing is “wrong.” You can only be truly helpful by holding this Truth for the other and with the other.

No attachment to outcome, rather Trusting that nothing can be lost in Love. Your calling is to affirm the Truth of Wholeness, and not what your ego is habitually familiar with.  Let go of the “hoping” another will be cared for. Trust in the perfection of Love’s unfolding, and in the truth that everyone is always in the heart of Love’s Grace.

My Love, the divine opportunity is to no longer believe the past, and to say YES to Love and Harmony in each moment.

Here is the opportunity to let the veil be lifted. False elements of identity have been used as a place  of perceived protection from “the world.”

The body is used to affirm (in the distortion) that you are separate, all alone with your thoughts and beliefs about what you “know.”

Compassion is the calling. Keep surrendering everything into the Light of Love,  and affirm your willingness to be free of all made up defenses. The Holy Spirit is always with you and I am there in the Heart of Truth.

Stay in the teachings, affirming you are loved and are Love itself.  Invite the miracle, it is yours.

I call to you to align in the Truth that another did not “call off” the relationship with Love, but is called to step away in form. This is the opportunity to accept the deeper truth of Oneness.

You cannot be separate in the Truth of Love but only within an ego interpretation in the mind; resist the temptation of seeing yourself unfairly treated. It is all coming from the past.  This is the old habit of reaction and story.

Fear is the defense against Love. It has no reality. Put everything into the Hands of God and step back from what you think YOU know. Accept the Truth that only Love exists and EVERYTHING else is made up.

What you are feeling is coming as a communication from the made-up opinions of the ego identity. This is the divine opportunity of deep healing through surrender. You are the beauty and perfection of Love. Nothing else is true.

I call you to come back to surrendering the mind and accepting (this is a choice) that you could see peace instead of what you are believing in. Your thoughts are not your ally, and your feelings are not your ally, they are all the domain of the ego.

Direct revelation with God is not easily accessed because of the resistance to reality.  A deep surrender of “knowing” is the answer. Trusting the journey and that everything is unfolding in perfection for your healing.  You are in the Hands of God. Trust this truth.

Accepting that you are the Innocence and the Light of God is humility. Every moment is the call to humility. “Thy Will be done” instead of aligning with your own assessments and conclusions. The ego sees this as a threat, but in Truth it is the road to Peace.  One Heart… One Breath…

The mind wants to know something, wants to believe that isolation exists, wants to battle with insanity.  It is all coming from the belief of the past.

Every moment; begin again. Allow your prayer to be this: “In this moment I accept the light of Love as all that exists. I rest here allowing that nothing is missing, nothing is lacking. I accept peace, In the stillness I focus in the heart, breathing, allowing and resting. I say yes. I will follow.” Do not allow the belief of desperation to have your attention.

Allow the Spirit of Love to expose and illuminate the illusions that have been made in the name of separation. “I remain as God created me and I want to remember the Truth of Love and Eternal Light.”

You are analyzing and believing your own mind and the communication in the emotional body, instead of accepting that you don’t know the Truth of Love and that you must trust. This is a journey of acceptance. You can choose to let go of the addiction to knowing and living in the (made up) identity of the past.

Accept and Trust in the teachings of Love that God does not leave you without. You are not a victim, but in this choice of “what you think you know” you see everything within and without through the lens of the victim.

The word “can’t” indicates where your allegiance is. My Love, Belief is a choice. It is in not knowing and choosing Faith. The refusal to give your allegiance to “your” knowing. You are NEVER alone. Accepting this Truth is the beginning of the acceptance of One Heart.

Serve Love in your willingness to be happy rather then right. Do not allow YOUR thoughts to be in charge.

You are in a healing of old beliefs that you have held unconsciously, that have run your identity. Yes you have been scared of being alone and you have been scared of others. In the journey of Love we must surrender and Love everything and everyone in divine equality.

ALL identities and made up beliefs have to be brought to the Light for healing. Surrender is the key. My love, Don’t be afraid of these made up elements of your old defense system. They are truly nothing, but you have made layers of facades (as every beloved has) and these facades must be brought to the Light for healing. Don’t try and protect these facades as YOU, they are covering the Truth of Light that you really are. Embrace humility! It is the key. There is nothing to prove. God sees only your True Self. The I Am sees only your true self.

This new work you are now being called to is exposing another element of identity (what others feel and think about you, proving your worth). It is all addiction to identity and believing there is something to get. You can’t accept the perfection of your true self while you are trying to get another “notch” on the belt of identity.

When I was in devotion within the shamanic path, I received (channeled) several hymns. I was aware of the blessing of receiving them and the power of Love within them, but I also was attached to the belief that they gave me a “special” identity.

Jesus directed me to let it all go. I was called by Love to not present (publicly) these hymns until I was free of the perceived addiction, of perceived “needs” in how “I” was “seen” and thought of. ALL of this was made up. Over and over I surrendered, embracing trust and patience.

Trust the Divine alchemy of God’s healing. Nothing else to do. Embrace the gratitude in the heart that everything you thought you knew is not reality. Thank God you were mistaken.

What you want to believe is where the choice lies. Refuse to accept/allow the mind’s opinions of likes and dislikes. Accept with humility that the YOU that you think you are, is not real. These opinions are made up. What is happening now IS the help. The belief in insanity and its manifestations is being revealed. Gladly affirm that whatever is not Peaceful is the delusional games of the ego mind.

The journey of Love must be received in all its perfection. Your opinion means nothing. With humility (not victimhood) Accept and Trust the divine wisdom of Spirit that is presenting everything perfectly.

You are in a healing of old beliefs that you have held unconsciously, that have run your identity. NOW, Love is replying and showing you what you have made up!!

Yes you have made up the same identity as everyone else, no more, no less. It’s ALL made up. In the journey of Love we must consciously surrender and Love everything and everyone in divine equality. All the identities and made up beliefs have to be brought to the Light for healing. Surrender is the key.

QuanYin-offering-RtYour asking for help, saying I don’t know what to do, what not to do, where to turn, where not to turn, how to stop fear, thought and insanity, or be free of it, or stop believing in it, or believe something other than it.  This irritation, upset, is ALL rebellion. All about wanting to control. YES there is a firmness being called for, to accept, and stop identifying erroneously with the belief that you are weak. The belief in weakness is a camouflage for resistance to surrender. Affirm in your heart. ENOUGH!!!

Love is always all that exists and not dependent on your approval, of what YOU think YOU experience. The veil will lift in surrender, and not what you perceive surrender looks like.

Nothing outside yourself will convince you to accept and surrender. You are not a victim of your thoughts.

Realize gratitude for this holy opportunity, which is the doorway to awareness. Resting in God will be accepted when you truly want to rest and refuse to accept your own thoughts.

Nothing is in the way but your made up opinions of the past, a past that does not exist.

Select satsang videos of this master’s teachings can be found Here, in the SpiritAwake Forums.

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