From the Dhammapada Renderings


With an image of liberation as the goal
the wise abandon darkness and cherish light,
leave petty security behind
and seek freedom from attachment.

To pursue such release is difficult and rare,
yet the wise will seek it,
detaching themselves from obstructions,
purifying heart and mind.  

Live your life well in accord with the Way –
avoid a life of distraction.
A life well-lived leads to contentment,
both now and in the future. 

Just as a sweet scented and beautiful lotus
can grow from a pile of discarded waste,
the radiance of a true disciple of the Buddha
outshines dark shadows cast by ignorance.  

It is wisdom
that enables letting go
of a lesser happiness
in pursuit of a happiness
which is greater.  

There are those who awaken from heedlessness.
They bring light into the world
like the moon
emerging from clouds. 

Better than ruling the whole world,
better than going to heaven,
better than lordship over the universe,
is an irreversible commitment to the Way.  

Only blessings can arise
from seeking the company of wise
and discerning persons,
who skillfully offer both admonition and advice
as if guiding one to hidden treasure. 

Let go of that which is in front,
let go of that which has already gone,
and let go of in-between.
With a heart that takes hold nowhere
you arrive at the place beyond all suffering.  

As water slides from a lotus leaf,
so sensual pleasures
do not cling
to a great being.  

Never by hatred is hatred conquered,
but by readiness to love alone.
This is eternal law.

There are those who discover
they can leave behind confused reactions
and become patient as the earth;
unmoved by anger,
unshaken as a pillar,
unperturbed as a clear and quiet pool.  

Alert to the needs of the journey,
those on the path of awareness,
like swans, glide on,
leaving behind their former resting places.  

On hearing true teachings,
the hearts of those who are receptive
become serene, like a lake,
deep, clear and still.  

One who transforms old and heedless ways
into fresh and wholesome acts
bring light into the world
like the moon freed from clouds. 

Not in great wealth is there contentment,
nor in sensual pleasure,
gross or refined.
But in the extinction of craving 
is joy to be found by a disciple of the Buddha.  

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