Ask That One Renderings

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(Rendered from various sources)

Ask That One

The Heart of Truth is inside you
Now. Ask that One for help.
Don’t ask of Love for body-things
that you can get from the world.
Don’t worry so much about livelihood,
It will turn out as it should.
Be constantly occupied instead
With listening to God.



Longing is the mystery
That calls us Home.
Listen for that stream
Which tells you only
One thing;
Die on this bank.
Begin here, in me
The way of rivers into the sea.


Become Like the Sky

Inside this new love, die.
Become like the sky,
Your way begins on the other side.

Take an axe to the prison wall.
Walk out like someone
suddenly born into color.
Do it now.

Shed this thick cloud
That covers you like a shroud.
Die to your beliefs,
 and be quiet.
Silence is the surest sign
That you are gone from the past.

Your old life was a frantic farce,
Always running 
from silence.
The speechless full moon
Rises now.


A gift to Bring You

How hard I’ve looked
For a gift to bring You.
What’s the point of bringing gold
To the gold mine,
Or water to the Ocean.

I cannot give You my heart and my soul
Because you already have these.
So now I have brought You a mirror,
That you may look at Yourself
And remember me.


Take It In

The morning breeze
Spreads its fresh smell.
We must get up
And take it in,
This wind that
Lets us live.
Breathe in.
It is Here,
Calling us Home



Everyone is overridden
With belief of their thoughts;
That’s why they have
So much heartache and sorrow.
At times I give myself
To thought purposefully;
But when I choose,
I rise up and away from all
That seems under their sway.
I am like the Sun,
And thought is the earth:
How can what comes of
My essence and light,
Overpower me?

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