One Conversation

trasmissionSufi mystics say: “There are three ways to relate to the Divine: One is through Prayer, a step up from that is Meditation or Self Abidance, and a step up from that is Sohbet.”

What is meant by Sohbet in this context is difficult to describe. But perhaps most simply, it points to conversation of ‘a totally different nature.’ It is conversation between friends of spirit and heart, a sort of joining through deep listening so that a shared transmission of Heart and Spirit can occur.

Everything in the created cosmos is in ceaseless conversation, an endless symbiosis, and through beloveds with the attuned ears of the inner heart the One in Conversation with its Self listens and moves and speaks. With surrender and trust and a recognition of the Love that we always and already are this Conversation can become more and more widespread and Alive, to serve the awakening of everywhere.

In the Truth of Love all sentient Beings are kindred Spirits, One, Thoughts in the Mind of God, ever Extending, and eternally resting in the Heart of God.

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